Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished 2014 Update

skuu2014Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished 2014 Update is a further update to my research on Stephen King’s obscure works. Big Steve again graciously helped clear up many mysteries and provided succinct commentary!

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Note: this is an Addendum to the Fourth edition. If you don’t have the Fourth Edition you should buy both books together.

In this Addendum to previous editions you will find full detail about:
·         A poem lost since King’s college days
·         Two unpublished short stories from the 1970s
·         A story that won King a prize (and a lecture) when he was in High School
·         Two lost stories from King’s fan fiction days
·         A play he wrote when he was 12 for his Boy Scout troop

Important updates are provided to information about these previously known works: After the Play; King’s senior Class Day play (including its title, content, and comments from King); and the story King wrote in fifth grade about his classmates being taken hostage.

A number of stories King is rumored to have written are dealt with.

Some obscure stories have been republished in easy to access form and that information is provided for readers.

A centerpiece of this Update is the full description of a lengthy busted novel – Phil and Sundance. In addition, a new busted story that appeared to have great promise is described.

The latest published but uncollected works are analyzed, including:
·         A Face in the Crowd
·         Afterlife
·         Bad Little Kid
·         Batman and Robin Have an Altercation
·         11/22/63 – Final Despatch
·         In the Tall Grass
·         The Rock and Roll Dead Zone; and
·         Summer Thunder

Here’s the official press release announcing the book’s release: