Horrors! Great Stories of Fear and Their Creators

horrorsHorrors! Great Stories of Fear and Their Creators was my first graphic novel. It is brilliantly illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne, who has done a huge amount of work illustrating Stephen King, including the iconic Secretary of Dreams project.

It was nominated for both a Black Quills Award and an Aurealis Award.

The notorious evening at Villa Diodati when Lord Byron challenged his contemporaries to write a ghost story, his summons brought forth a mad doctor intent on reanimation and a vampire drunk with bloodlust. The night modern horror was born was notoriously dark and stormy, as were the lives of those who wrote the most fearsome–yet beloved–tales in literature, for those so gifted were also cursed. Horrors, a graphic novel, reveals in gruesome detail how Mary Wollstonecraft, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe and other masters of the genre were haunted by their monstrous creations.


Engaging and informative, (an) essential reference for horror and fantasy collections – Library Journal

Rocky Wood’s writing is nothing less than brilliant. He captures not only the voice of the mysterious narrator but also those of the many famous characters who appear along the way. His reimagining of the lives of these writers fascinates while also maintaining a strong center based on the real events of their lives. This strong center only amplifies the horrific aspects of the narrative as it is not hard to imagine their tribulations as having happened in the very way Wood tells it. Glenn Chadbourne’s black and white illustrations hint at the great work of horror illustrators from the early days of comics and pulps. At the same time he brings an amazing level of detail to his work which draws the reader deeper and deeper. His work quite literally takes the already exceptional writing of Rocky Wood and elevates it to a new level. Each panel is dark and evocative. Readers will find themselves driven from page to page, finding each illustration as delightful as the last. – FlamesRising.com

Rocky Wood and illustrator Glenn Chadbourne have created a truly unique and utterly compelling brief history of horror in this lovely book. The text by Wood, which begins with a discussion of Frankenstein and goes onto cover such diverse topics as Shakespeare, the Gothic novel, Beowulf, and Dracula, is illuminating and informed, offering both background and synopsis for each of the major works. The touch of poetry in Wood’s words is perfectly matched by Chadbourne’s illustrations, which are detailed and appropriately grotesque. Even the choice of font for the text is thoughtful and appropriate. This is a book that can be read cover to cover, or simply paged through and savored in small sections. Bravo! – Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award® winning author of Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween


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Rocky at Mary Shelley's grave

Rocky at Mary Shelley’s grave