Here are a bunch of things that get me excited – I hope they will do the same for you:
The Horror Writers Association – the genre’s peak body for writers and aspiring writers of horror and dark fantasy.

Don’t miss the HWA’s public blog, where horror writers announce their new books, and often give away free reading material. Plus learn more about the horror genre and writing.

The Horror Writers Association also promotes literacy and Young Adult Horror. Check out their YA section at:

The Bram Stoker Awards® – the iconic Awards for the horror genre –

The Australian Horror Writers Association, of which I am proud Foundation Member (#19, in fact!) –

The official website for Stephen King is . What more need I say?

My publishers are: Overlook Connection (Yo! Dave); McFarland and Co., Inc.; and Cemetery Dance. Check out their great books (maybe buy some!)

My presentation to the 68th World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne (2010), has been serialized in three parts, by The Scarlet Executioner blog:


The Bram Stoker Award winning fiction and non-fiction author and world authority on Halloween, Lisa Morton, maintains her web presence at:

Glenn Chadbourne, who illustrated my graphic novel, Horrors! Great Stories of Fear and Their Creators is at:

Greg Chapman, who illustrated my graphic novel, Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times and is also a fine horror author may be found lurking at:

Ingrid’s Haven – Ingrid runs a no-kill cat sanctuary near Melbourne, Victoria. If you can home a beautiful cat looking for a human, or even donate a few dollars to support her magnificent work, I would be appreciative:

The All Blacks – the greatest sporting team in the world (no discussion entered into) –

Manchester United – the Red Devils, who collect trophy after trophy at the Theatre of Dreams (Old Trafford) –

Boston Red Sox – who I have the great joy to watch at Fenway, the best ball park in America –

ALS USA – Help beat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) – learn more about this awful, untamed killer and possibly donate to help research into prevention and a cure –

MND Australia – For Australians, the national organisation raising funds to help find a way to prevent around 600 people a year dying of Motor Neurone Disease –

MND Victoria – In Victoria this is the Association that supports me with services, equipment and advice. And hundreds of other Victorians diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Please think about making a donation –

Bethlehem Hospital in South Caulfield, Victoria ( run a dedicated Motor Neurone Disease Clinic (word is that it is the best such clinic in Australasia), which is only partially government funded. These are the people who keep me as healthy as possible and have done so since November 2010. They are a credit to the medical profession and to humanity in general – I have been looked after by
outstanding neurologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dieticians and support staff. And they provide this service to large numbers of Victorians with ALS/MND, many of whom are not as fortunate as I am. You can make donations which go towards much needed equipment, palliative care and medical services, personal and support programs. Please think about making a donation – contact