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Stephen King on Rocky Wood

Rocky Wood was my go-to guy for all things Shining, providing me with names and dates I had either forgotten or plain got wrong. He also provided reams of info on every recreational vehicle and camper under the sun (the coolest was Rose’s EarthCruiser). The Rock knows my work better than I do myself. Look him up on the web sometime. He’s got it going on.

-          Stephen King in the Author’s Note to Doctor Sleep

While writing Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, King employed Rocky to do research, particularly on maintaining continuity between the two novels. “As you can expect, it was a great pleasure working with Steve and reading Doctor Sleep as it was written. Fans of King and those who want to know more about what happened to little Danny Torrance after the events at the Overlook Hotel will not want to miss this. It’s clearly one of Steve’s best works of recent years, with an almost unimaginably terrible villain, another of his signature child characters, and a chain of events that will keep readers glued to the book to the last page. Constant Readers will find a bunch of ‘Easter Eggs’ – the generous references to other characters or places in the King universe. But, above all, this is King at his finest – relating the tale of one man’s struggle to find a place to stand, a young girl’s fight against unyielding evil – and returning to his eternal themes of hope and redemption.”


 Here you can find out more about Rocky and his work: