Here are some recent interviews I’ve given, as well as some older (but interesting) ones:

Here’s an interview with ABC-TV in Australia. It was taped by their Washington D C Bureau in June 2011 (just before the Bram Stoker Awards Weekend on Long Island) and broadcast on June 24, 2011.

Douglas Hawk asks Rocky 7 Questions

Australian Spec Fic Snapshot talks to Rocky about his career and the HWA

KnippKnopp interviews Rocky mainly about HWA

Julianne Snow interviews Rocky about Women in Horror Month at Dark Media Online

David Kempf interviews Rocky for Masters of Horror

Davide Longoni interviews Rocky for La Zona Morta (scroll down for the English version of the interview)

Richard Godwin’s Quick Fire at the Slaughterhouse site (October 2013):

Halloween Haunts (October 2013):

Halloween Haunts (October 2012):

The (July 2012):

The Hysterical Hamster (2012):

The Slaughterhouse (June 2012):

Horror World (2012):

Horror (December 2011):

Darkscrybe (Part One – November 2011):  and Part Two:

Horror Bound (September 2011):

Tabula Rasa (2009):